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Our Philosophy

In Pursuit of Happiness for All
In bringing happiness to our Employees, Customers, Company and Society, we at Yahiro Electronics constantly take on new challenes, while encouraging and fostering each employee's hopes and dreams.
Our code of conduct is grounded in the principle of pursuing the physical and spiritual happiness of all employees, while providing quality, value and on-time delivery of products to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Through this, we are committed to delivering consistent, long-lasting growth for both our company and our clients.

President's Message

Through Yahiro's world-class quality, we create moments of wonder that brim with desire and dreams.
Our mission is to give life to each employee's hopes and dreams through 'monozukuri' craftsmanship, while simultaneously passing down the traditions and technologies forged by our ancestors.
In a time that demands change and transformation from every industry, we focus on preserving the principles, pride and dedication that have defined us over the years. Based on the classic haiku motto of 'constancy and change,' we harness our technological developments to connect with partners across Japan and overseas in pioneering new markets. Moving forward, we promise to deliver wonder and surprise to customers across the globe with our world-class Yahiro quality.

Company Profile

PresidentKeiichi Tanno
Office location12-20, Shichikenya, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, 577-0005, Japan
Tel (+81) 6-6746-1195
Fax (+81) 6-6746-7514
Number of Employees22
Date Established1968
BusinessCustom lighting manufacturer enaged in the design, enineering, production and inspection of decorative and architectural lighting fixtures.


1968, April 8Koji Tanno founded Yahiro Electronics Co., Ltd. in Nakakosaka, Higashiosaka-shi
Began processing and sales of ready-made lighting fixtures
1970Began production of custom-made lighting fixtures according to client specifications
1978Moved to Kusune, Higashiosaka-shi
Created a Sheet Metal Department and established an in-house integrated production system
1982Increased capital to 3 million yen
1986Increased capital to 5 million yen
1992Increased capital to 10 million yen
2008Keiichi Tanno appointed as President
Hiroshi Tanno appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors
2010, JulyAcquired ISO9001:2008 certification
2015Moved headquarters to Shichikenya, Higashiosaka-shi
2016Began sales of the Japanese paper lamp series "TOMOLY" (currently "WASHI LUCE")
2017Increased capital to 20 million yen
2018Exhibited custom-designed Japanese paper lamps in Hong Kong
2019Began production of the gold foil designer lamp series "GOLDBLU LAMP"